Murals Murals Archangel Michael Fireplace niche 199903190 Fresco Turning Water into Wine 199903194 Fresco Ladies at the Well 201240912 Commercial Mural Branding 199903191 Lily Pond on Dark Metallic 199903193 Old World Fresco Fresco style mural on cast fireplace 156389245 Mediterranean Market Exterior mural featuring Italian countryside. 84356375 Mediterranean Market Detail 84356377 Yamas Greek Restaurant 8ft x 12ft A view of Santorini surrounded by trompe l'oil carved stone statues 84356393 Sculpted Mural Hand sculpted relief mural of giraffes, elephants and safari background create quite an entrance to this home - Pars Constructions Showhome 84356379 Yamas Greek Restaurant Detail 84356391 Lake Cottage Backsplash 84356381 Deep Jungle 9' x 14' Many creatures are hidden in the must look closely 84356387 Asian Tapestry Mural 8' x 14' Entrance way, top of the stairs mural in an Asian/Modern inspired home 84356385 Stone Angel and Fountain Trompe l'oil of an Angel niche and water fountain (next photo) 84356389 Stone Angel and Fountain 84356390 Window Mural A Vista Villa 156389638 Lakeshore Animal Clinic Waiting Room Mural of park, pets and nature wraps around the room at this animal clinic 84356388 Egyptian Palace 7' x 18' Other worldly palace scene 84356394 Old World Window Tonics Pub 84356396 Old World Doors Tonics Pub 84356397